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Financial Analyst and Collaborating Finance Expert

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Arkhat G. Zhumadilov has over 10 years in the finance industry. His extensive background includes a number of top-trusted positions with different companies, as well as several contracted, temporary positions. Zhumadilov has served as the financial analyst, fractional chief financial officer, and collaborating finance expert on a number of important projects.

Currently, Arkhat Zhumadilov is contracted as a fractional CFO for Dresden Works Incorporated, one of the largest employers in Spring, Texas in Montgomery County. He splits his professional time as a fractional CFO with his current position as the standing CFO for his own company, Zhumadilov Finance, which he founded in 2017. To date, Zhumadilove Finance has assisted nearly 100 companies and organizations with building adequate financial and accounting methodologies to support the growth of their businesses.

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Father of Finance
August 8, 2022

Father of Finance | Modernization and Implementation

Father of finance have been claimed through many people. There is one man who is more influential than the others, though: Richard Thaler. This article will discuss the role each one played in the development of modern finance. In addition, we’ll look at a few of their achievements. Listed below are the most important men […]

Arkhat Zhumadilov
July 21, 2022

Mountain Biking Equipment Essentials

When choosing mountain biking equipment, there are a few items you must have. Gloves are essential for enhanced grip while mountain biking. Waterproof jackets and multi-tools are also necessary. Helmets are a must. And of course, no cycling trip is complete without a pair of sunglasses. Here are some essentials for the ultimate mountain biking […]

June 29, 2022

Arkhat Zhumadilov | The Advantages of Cycling as a Form of Exercise

According to Arkhat Zhumadilov,  bike riding has many benefits, including increased heart rate and strength of lower body muscles. It’s also an excellent way to improve your cardiovascular health and overall fitness. This article will give you more information on how biking can benefit you. Whether you’re a fitness beginner or a regular biker, this […]

June 3, 2022

Arkhat Zhumadilov Explains Ways Swimming Benefits Your Brain

Arkhat Zhumadilov points out that swimming improves your brain through various ways. Studies have shown that swimming increases blood flow to the brain by 14 percent. That means that it will improve your memory, focus, and mood. Even if you don’t feel any physical exertion while swimming, it will boost blood flow to your brain. […]

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